REAAS has performed extensive R&D surrounding virtual real estate and blockchain distributed ledgers, in order to develop a sustainable commercial entity from the sale of virtual land within a digital marketplace.


REAAS digital transformation services utilises cutting-edge tech solutions including AR/VR, digital currency (BTC/ETH etc), blockchain distributed ledger technology, 3D animation and rendering, Building Information Management (BIM), Lidar Data alongside various other digital mapping technologies as a way to ‘shake up’ the staus quo and deliver the industry into the future, REAAS is ushering in technology innovations to fuel the real estate market revolution. Real estate is generally considered non-accepting of new innovation and digital alignment, has started to see the benefits of digital automation.

According to Statista, the global revenue of Proptech companies has been constantly growing since 2012, reaching, $18 billion U.S. dollars in 2018, Blue Future Partners statistics reports that investment in real estate tech rose from $33 Million in 2010 to over $5 billion in 2017, thus showing with clarity that technology and blockchain based innovation is disrupting the real estate industry in a positive manner which will benefit clients trade experiences during purchase.

Contact REAAS HQ to learn more about which digital technology applies to your element(s) of the real estate market process, you will get an immediate response and a demo of our blockchain eco-system and our virtual land portal explaining the services relevant to your needs.

REAAS provides real estate sale and rental acquisition services, while ‘handpicking’ the highest quality commercial and residential experiences for our clients. REAAS’ market experience can assist real estate investment groups to navigate through localised property compliance and regulations, with business related to development finance deals, HMO properties and corporate serviced apartments.



REAAS consults with landlords, family offices, wealth management teams and HNWIs that are involved in real estate. REAAS has a seamless business process, creating structured sale and rent models, while delivering ‘automated’ rent revenue streams towards landlord real estate assets.

Mortgages – 

REAAS can introduce clients to expert mortgage providers, with an array of choices within the UK market, we have niche abilities allowing us to introduce clients to 100% mortgage options, with traditional 20% deposit models, as well as flexible equity backed mortgages and bespoke deals can be serviced case by case. REAAS introduced mortgages are tailored towards each individual client, we search the entire UK market for UK clients to find the best deals available, we are trade partners with key industry leaders including banks, development finance companies, mortgage brokers and mortgage and finance intermediaries.

Development Finance – 

REAAS provides development finance to clients, with options between 65% to 80% LTV, alongside this REAAS offers introductions to equity release operators, bridging loans, mezzanine finance and can introduce bespoke partners towards upcoming or currently running  projects. REAAS can connect UHNWI and HNWI together to form SPV’s and consortiums to purchase and development property, this service is always on offer to assist clients with managing property investments, we seek out and present new opportunities and we encourage the development of multiple and single unit properties to make profits.

Bridging Loans –

Bridging loans are higher risk, short term options, arranged as loans for quick approval, with a need for extra financial prudence during use. REAAS usually sources finance products capable of conversion from a bridging loan to long term loan, for example, if a refurbished unit has been completed or a commercial tenant has been found thus generating income. REAAS can introduce expert loan brokers for developments reaching near completion and can get funds released ahead of sale, thus giving a developer the freedom to start a new project before completion, REAAS can introduce 1st or 2nd charge bridging loan options to our clients.

Property Development:

REAAS can introduce a range of funding solutions, to be made available to clients, whether its building costs for refurbishment, conversions, new build, permitted development or full planning consent projects, clients with very particular needs are welcomed by REAAS, we can consult with clients on bridging loans, pending planning and also for deals completed or near completion to release equity pending a sale. Post senior debt requirements can be fulfilled, mezzanine funding or joint venture funding, potentially up to 100% of overall project costs.

Asset Management – 

We manage landlord assets and create successful rental and sales agreements for our clients (landlord/tenant), introducing guaranteed capital via corporate letting, thus we can give landlords assurances protecting their real estate asset. REAAS’ guaranteed rent scheme (per annum rental agreements), this alleviates the need for marketing or paying estate agent fees, offering guaranteed capital to landlords, we are currently seeking new landlords, please contact us if your property needs management or if you are seeking clients to rent your property.

Construction/Builders – 

REAAS has access to experienced property developers, accredited builders with knowledge surrounding construction of commercial and residential units. Clients can work with REAAS to create developments including from single unit office premises to multiple unit high rise residential buildings, we are basement specialists and can walk clients through from planning to building completion, we appriase the property site or land site to provide construction services which will provide GDV growth and thus the overall value of a real estate asset.

REUM provides R&D into blockchain technology and as the company owner, assist REAAS in the development of cutting edge software solutions as well as providing venture capital as a source of funding to service the real estate space.

REAAS and Collate utilises Zoopla property search to access data and to connect with the industry, Zoopla is a great portal to display sales and lettings units.

REAAS and Collate function as sales and lettings service providers, utilising Rightmove as its online partner, at the forefront of REAAS operations, as the UK’s no.1 online property portal.


REAAS consults with established property landlords and real estate organisations, assisting in the development of property alongside sale and rent.


REAAS forms property partnerships and delivers property projects with a goal to assist in the creation of highly-productive resources within the real estate space.


REAAS utilises its acquisition skills and overall strategic knowledge and experience as specialists regarding the rental and sale of property within the London market.

Sales and Rent

Utilising online resources, alongside traditional and modern communication and payment systems to bring quality and simplicity to the market.

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