REUM is a consulting company, that has managed to overcome recent blockchain technology challenges related to property shares, equity release modelling, developer finance, bridging loans and other real estate based assets, as we are entering a new ‘proptech’ period with blockchain technology, property crowdfunding and minimised share trading as new avenues into the market, REUM software and ongoing distributed ledger technology research will assist REAAS’ future real estate business objectives. 


REAAS is committed to creating opportunities for the young, in disadvantaged communities, where poverty affects progression, where there is inspirational movement with no resources and we have become a certified social enterprise based around our work on several social impact projects and we encourage lateral partnerships with organisation who share this ethos. REAAS utilises its expertise in property development and in the digital space to form recruitment around these communities and will continue to seek new resources which will deliver positive social change for as many people we can affect.

CNSTRCTN supplies builders, as a specialist in com/resi basement and airspace development, CNSTRCTN has several high level build partners including multinational construction companies with land for housing development projects, high rise buildings, concrete fabrication services for bridges, airports, roads, oil and gas infrastructure as well as stadium, skyscraper and retail mall developers, alongside this CNSTRCTN performs R&D into real estate fabrication related to printed home solutions, utilising large scale 3D print equipment which prints utilising liquid concrete.

Zisk is a proptech organisation with blockchain technology embedded within its services, Zisk offers partnership opportunities towards REAAS, by integrating our plans and Zisk’s share options for property, to convert real estate into digital assets, utilising distributed ledger technology to ‘break’ shares into minimal amounts, to allow investors to trade, with options to purchase property share units within a secure marketplace. 


We are Lease Tech is a mobile and telephony leasing company, having recently launched a technology leasing platform, REAAS directs We are Lease Tech, introducing clients to finance for telecoms, wifi and mobile equipment to service the real estate industry. We are Lease Tech provides finance, credit line and fund options across several industries, including real estate, with a main focus on mobile and telephony leasing.


PSHR is a visual media publishing company, with content that can be accessed on PCs, laptops, tablets and via mobile phones, also as a series of platforms allowing uploads and for creatives building within Earth Engine to generate cryptocurrency coins to sell virtual land, virtual merchandise and other virtual buildings and constructed AR/VR products via visual content shared direct to audiences. PSHR’s Earth Engine, Pangea (first virtual land product) as a main vocal point for PSHR, as the first launch into AR/VR platform development with ongoing research for REAAS to capitalise in virtual real estate sales, as well as deliver PSHR into virtual to real estate sales (Earth Engine platform is used to sell within the physical or virtual property mediums). 

Collate is REAAS’ online corporate lettings team, dealing with rental landlords and rented property agencies via social media, landlord associations and property forums, Collate has a database of properties in London, allowing Collate to be an influential ‘standalone’ rental broker within the London rental market, expect Collate to continue to communicate with landlords, developers, estate agents and external letting agencies on behalf of REAAS.  

Finsec Associates is a London based organisation of trade partners and captains of industry operating within enterprise blockchain technology, fintech, banking and financial services.



Finsec Associates are advocates of regulation in finance, compliance with AML/KYC procedures and will bridge the knowledge gap concerning securities within private/public blockchains.


Thorncroft Homes is a property developer created as a family operation developing a portfolio of homes across London, the UK and with plans to expand internationally. Thorncroft Homes, was born out of Thorncroft Tiling which covers the west London area for kitchen and bathroom refurbishments, Thorncroft specialises in the development of HMO properties, purchasing land for multiple unit developments, expanding living spaces, organising planning permissions and supplying accredited builders to enhance living experiences via the refurbishment of existing properties., Blueground, NomadX, Inadash, Nested, Spareroom, Vbro, Homeaway, Georical and Openrent are all lateral partners who provide services to REAAS as to communicate with the London based offices from these organisations to enhance REAAS services. .

Acorn Properties, Acorn Finance, Rockcap, Crowd Property, London Auctions, Unmodernised, Property Tribes, BTH Properties, Realla and Totally Modular are all London based organisation and sources of trade for REAAS operating in construction and building services, auctions and development finance. 


Partnership Services

REAAS can introduce regulatory compliant partners to provide services to our clients.

To be become a partner please contact: