REAAS was incorporated to perform the acquisition of development land, rental properties and to gather a portfolio of high yielding real estate units/stock sourced from across London, Los Angeles and within other global central city markets, thus we are currently offering niche approaches to the marketplace including airspace/basement developments, JV projects with lateral partners and multi-annum contracts for landlords as part of our property management services. Trading as Real Estate as a Service Ltd, we connect with specific (central city) landlords, while providing rental guarantees via up front (extended deposit payments), as a strategy to attract the most desired centrally located properties.

REAAS has also carried out significant R&D surrounding blockchain software and its use within real estate, including the development of virtual land portals containing digital currency solutions and use of new digital trade instruments (fractional crowd funding, virtual land services, Lidar data mapping and BIM solutions). These implementations have already brought interest from venture capital partners to our organisation, with opportunities for funding to be utilised by REAAS. 

This allows REAAS to deliver services to other real estate businesses, financial institutions and banking operators, providing digital security and modern trading infrastructure towards real estate trade.

REAAS trades solely in real estate and is owned and operated, trading as Real Estate as a Service Ltd, a global real estate developer and blockchain software operator based and registered in the UK. 

REAAS utilises modern communication with a data driven approach, with digital appraisals, keyless property viewing, desktop valuations, blockchain contract signing, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payment systems, niche (favourable) landlord management agreements and a specific focus on quality customer services all processed remotely online, we utilise social media, mobile and VOIP telephony communication and cloud based document management to deliver improved efficiency towards the global real estate industry.


The REAAS organisation is a community created for online communication, the vision is to connect landlords, real estate investors, property developers and banking/finance groups with technology companies, security software and blockchain technology operators to allow clients to benefit from an overhaul of existing systems and interoperability with the various technology systems used by different stakeholders, delivering efficent and secure real estate based financial transactions.

REUM provides direct benefits to REAAS and other property businesses with software capabilities and access to current software services, including R&D surrounding blockchain technology and the development of online/mobile property lettings and sales facilitation. REAAS as an organised team is utilised to connect REUM to payment service clients, commercial and residential property investors, family offices and developers interested in upgrading their trade systems and to assist in the formation of SPV’s to launch real estate businesses and real estate funds, trusts and to assist in the establishing family offices.

Finsec Associates provides REAAS with compliance and regulatory guidance in relation to clients who seek access to experienced and registered financial advice surrounding real estate funds, trusts and to assist in the establishing family offices.

REAAS Collate searches the internet for property deals, houses and commercial units for rent, providing REAAS with a steady supply of landlords seeking management services, while collating development projects for CNSTRCTN.

REAAS CNSTRCTN provides properties as an in-house portfolio creator, building upon ‘shovel ready’ (currently sites with planning approval) through JV partnerships with development finance providers, HNW investors, construction firms and multiple unit developers.

REAAS founder is also COO at visual media publishing group PSHR ‘Publishing Reinvented’, who are offering virtual real estate services as in virtual land developments (including the revolutionary use of mapping technology, to create virtual copies of the entire global real estate marketplace), 3D avatar viewing, AI assistance and recruiting full stack engineers to operate as a series of ‘earth engineers’ providing digital mapping technology development which connects REAAS its AR/VR real estate production services, providing the market with a future proof system that delivers virtual commerce through blockchain technology, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency software for real estate commerce and niche distributed ledgers for virtual land commerce.


REAAS sources development finance, venture capital, JVs and fund of funds which is utilised to fund the acquisition of REAAS property development projects, rental contract agreements, alongside the development of blockchain, fintech and banking software.


REAAS sales division consists of experienced staff, alongside real estate partners and property developers who we connect with to provide our clients with property choices and advise upon the next real estate purchase. Our clients have the assurance that ‘Real Estate as a Service’ will be available to deliver professional results within the London market, REAAS has a wide range of services including buying/selling property abroad with HNWI and SPV clients based across global regions.


REAAS lettings department is focused on the project management of landlord assets, we anticipate our trade partners needs and act when instructed offering advice, while directing resources towards our clients success. Property, is often the most valuable asset that an individual will own, thus it is important to have experienced agents with knowledge of the market, who can advance client interests and provide whatever is needed to market a property, to attract the correct tenants.


REAAS development finance service can introduce funding options for property development. Our clients are actively involved in residential or commercial property investment. REAAS sources the correct real estate finance solutions, for clients developing residential property to sell on, with REAAS clients can release equity to fund a property development, or if a client has land ready to develop, our experienced real estate finance team, can assist them through the process.

Featured Service:

REAAS is ‘Real Estate as a Service’ and is nimble enough to pivot its services towards its clients current needs, offering solutions to tackle existing problems.

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